Monday, April 04, 2011

Seven questions about your culture change

Why not ask yourself these questions if you are CEO/GM and have a change programme under-way.
A. How is the change progressing?
  1. We started out with good intentions but everyone is really busy you know.
  2. We all said 'we need to do that' but nobody took an action.
  3. When we defined the plan nobody asked 'what can we drop?' (meaning the answer became 'the change actions')
  4. It is something I only ask about at the end of the month. The rest of the time I focus on results ( replace results with $s, sales, volume, turnover as appropriate)
  5. We are hitting every change target, with a fully resourced plan regularly supported by expert help.
B. How engaged are your people in the change?
  1. We will tell you when we've told them what we've decided
  2. They loved the fancy launch but think that was it
  3. They are jaded by all the initiatives we start but don't finish
  4. Those that are involved love it but the rest don't know whats happening
  5. Everyone is on board and has personal actions to make local changes to meet our cultural aspirations
C. If asked, how many people could explain the culture change initiatives?
  1. 100% of those standing beside our vision statement at the time you asked
  2. 100% of those who could find the handout we gave on day 1
  3. 100% of those that can find where we've hidden it on the intranet
  4. Isn't it okay that we all express it our own way as free thinking people?
  5. Most of them, as we regularly refer to in in our routine communication and link our day to day activities to it, but i know its a journey
D. Talking about comms, how often do you update everyone on the progress of change?
  1. What do you mean by update?
  2. We gave them the initial handout, surely they will just go do it?
  3. Every time the big boss is in town as he/she likes that sort of thing.
  4. Quarterly. There is a paragraph in amongst our four page reporting of results ( replace results with $'s, sales, volume, turnover etc)
  5. We have an interesting and varied comms plan that includes videos, email and magazines to show what our people have achieved, supported by our weekly note that shows progress against the plan
E. How are you measuring the change?
  1. Measuring?
  2. We will know we have got there when we get there
  3. The ultimate measures will tell us all we need to know ($s, sales, volume, turnover)
  4. The culture change is supposed to develop a culture of measuring success so we haven't done it yet
  5. We have a comprehensive system that tracks input measures designed to prove we are doing what we said would take us there along with staged success measures showing improvements in key results along the way
F. Who is responsible for your culture change?
  1. HR
  2. Me
  3. Everyone is responsible
  4. The management team
  5. Everyone is held responsible for their action, with the senior team knowing that they are there as a cohesive, guiding coalition. My role as CEO/GM is to always carry the torch whenever I talk to anyone.
G.How seriously are you taking this culture change
  1. Who? Me?
  2. Well its really about the results first (replace results with $'s, sales, volume, turnover etc)
  3. Its all fluffy stuff really so I let HR take it seriously
  4. At the end if the year I will take it very seriously (when the other results are in)
  5. As CEO/GM i know that if I don't take it seriously nobody else will. I see this change as vital to keeping ahead of the competition